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Immortal Geek is a site especially for enthusiasts of board, table top and computer games. There are a set of tools here to enhance your games, be it rpgs such as D&D or Hackmaster, or board games like Civilisation or Ticket to Ride. So whether it's Tomb Raider or Runequest, or whether it's Carcassone or Colin McRae Rally, we love it.

There are a set of tools and resources available to help with your games play, stuff you can use to make the games you play even better.

Here are a few of the things we've already made available or are in the pipeline:

  • Character diaries, so you can record the adventures of your heroes
  • A library of free resources such as character sheets and rules amendments
  • Suggested rule changes and house rules from our site users
  • Party, character and NPC management tools for use by DMs
  • Maps and map management tools for use by DMs

Most of these tools require you to be logged-in. You can sign up for a free account on our registrations page. And if you're not ready for commitment just yet, then there are a selection of published character diaries available to read - just follow the link on the left.

Latest News

2014-02-28 New Feature: Subscribing to Diaries is now active
Are you sick of seeing the latest updates to the diaries you read at Immortal Geek passing by without you knowing that they've been updated? Well now we've implemented the ideal solution - you can subscribe to your favourite diaries, and we will then send you an email whenever the diary's author publishes a new entry.

2014-02-26 So... What Really is a Higgs Boson Particle?
Most people cannot answer this questions, its wrapped in the mysteries of science, tied up with the maths of fundamental particles and linked to wave theory. What we could really do with is someone who understands particle physics who can communicate it all to us effectively.

2014-02-15 Immortal Geek Major Site Update Completed
If you are a regular visitor you might notice a few changes here especially if you log-in regularly. A site update has just been completed, we've fixed several minor niggles and tidied up a few things. For those not logged in the changes are minimal - this rolled-out version is 0.9.7, and is a stake in the ground for us. We have a target for certain tools to be available for the 1.0.0 update which won't be too far off, but they're not quite ready yet - and we wanted to make sure that the main site is working as expected following our recent move to the new blade server (thanks to our user 'Zoltran' for that, btw.)

2014-02-14 EU Clarifies Copyright Law Regarding Hyperlinks with New Ruling
It's official. Here in the European Union the posting of links to content on other sites, and the embedding of site data on your website has been ruled not to be a breach of copyright or subject to royalty payments. I think I can now, safely, post a link to this ruling on the EU court website, it's here.

2014-02-12 A Sad Day for Science, Schooling without Evolution
A very sad day indeed. Another blow for common-sense in the battle of the bleeding obvious is lost. It look like the South Carolina Post and Courier is reporting how the local education department has approved a Science Standard that refuses to allow Natural Selection to be taught in schools.

2013-12-10 Arthea Campaign Fully Underway
With an experienced group of players, this campaign is fully up and running. There is a good selection of characters, with an unexpected mix of good and lawful characters. They purport to being a fine, upstanding group of people - something they're mostly living up to - but how long can that last. With a paladin and a Lawful Good cleric, they've certainly got enough leadership among them to keep them on the straight and narrow.

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