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The Hype Awakens as a Film Trailer is Released    (Sat, 29th November 2014)

Star Wars is back (or it will be very soon). The Force Awakens, if you didn't already know, is the first film of the new Disney franchise, and it's our duty as geeks to get excited about it. Fortunately the trailer, available on YouTube, makes that really easy.

Great News for 6d6 RPG Fans    (Mon, 10th November 2014)

Chris Tregenza has just release updated rules for 6d6 RPG. This is the 2nd Edition, and a huge amount of work has gone into its creation. Here at Immortal Geek we're really impressed. The Core rulebook is available to buy from DriveThruRPG, and you can download it right away. Currently they have the Core Rules and the 6d6 Modern package allowing you to set your games in the modern world. There's more coming soon, too.

6d6 is a great game system, and comes with our wholehearted recommendation. Great stuff, Chris!

Retro Video Games    (Tue, 4th November 2014)

If you're into retro video games, you might like this. The Internet Archive has now created a web page with dozens of old arcade games installed, and a Mame arcade emulator. Relive your childhood, perhaps, by playing your favourite old arcade games, here.

When it's Time to Upgrade your Computer    (Wed, 29th October 2014)

For most of us the signal to upgrade might be that we're falling behind while playing the latest computer games. Or that spreadsheet with our taxes on it takes longer to calculate than making a cup of tea. But how can you tell when that's needed for a commercial or industrial computer?

More tool updates for Diary users    (Thu, 23rd October 2014)

More tool updates have been applied to the Immortal Geek website today. To give diary writers the opportunity to express themselves more clearly we've rolled out a wiki-like markup extension to the diary editor. The tags are quite straightforward, and are intended to be easy to use. If you have a diary then give them a try and let us know what you think.

Your own personal figurine... of you.    (Thu, 23rd October 2014)

Body scanners... who want them eh? Well it turns out that supermarkets are after them. There is a market for scanning their customers, and in the best possible way, according to this article over at Computerworld.

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