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Tool Updates for Dungeon Masters    (Sun, 16th December 2018)

It's been a little while coming, but there has been a major upgrade to the story editor. The new editor allows the editing of your adventures as they appear on the screen. You still get to define episodes for your stories, and mark the party's progress through the mire of getting killed... but now we can edit the text of the adventures right there in the viewer.

New Tools for Dungeon Masters    (Sun, 18th December 2016)

Its finally here - the major upgrade to DM tools from Immortal Geek. Now we have a suite of map, story, party and NPC management tools that integrate smoothly and allow you to plan and track your tabletop games, and to help provide map resources to your players.

Coupled with the players tools for diary management and access to character sheets, ImmortalGeek.com now provides a set of tools to enhance the games of players and gamesmasters alike.

Shapeshifters? Temporal Shapeshifters?    (Thu, 29th September 2016)

No, not the polymorph/shape-shifting game mechanic, this is real science. There are materials that change their shape in response to external influences such as changes in temperature, such as memory metals, that have been around for a while. The magazine Nature has just published an article in which some very clever boffins have detailed a way to make materials that will change shape according to programmed rules over time. The fascinating article can be read on the Nature website here.

Gaia, the ESA Space Telescope, Logs A Billion Stars    (Wed, 14th September 2016)

The purpose of the Gaia Space Telescope is to assemble a 3D map of our galaxy, the Milky Way. A first step on that road has been made; the ESA have published their first star map, this shows a billion stars. This is only the beginning. With more to come from Gaia, this project promises to be both astonishing and compulsive.

Is Reality Really Real?    (Tue, 6th September 2016)

This is a fascinating subject that runs to the very heart of theoretical physics. Whether you believe the scientific theories or not, the BBC has looked at what leading scientists have to say, and their article is a great read. Take a look for yourself, and make your own mind up. It can be read here on the BBC website

The Hubble Space Telescope, Happy Birthday    (Sat, 25th April 2015)

It's hard to believe, but the Hubble Space Telescope is 25 years old. Many of us remember it being launched into orbit from the space shuttle, then all the problems and repairs needed to sort out the optics. It was an expensive mess at the time, but it'd be hard to find anyone in the science community today that doesn't think it was worth every last dime. As a special event, NASA has released a 25th anniversary image, which you can take a look at here on the ESA Hubble page. Many years ago the plan for the Hubble was very different to today's expectation. It's reached its major milestone, and the outlook for it now is grim.

Welcome to Immortal Geek, a website dedicated to table-top games, board games and, most especially, role-playing games. Our aim is a simple one, to help make your games experience richer and more enjoyable.

For Games Players

To help you set up your games, play your games, and record your adventures, we have a suite of tools available. Take a look at these:

Tools for Games Players

These tools will enhance any games session, and are entirely free to use. All you need to access them is an Immortal Geek user account:

  • Character diaries, where you can record the adventures of your heroes and your heroes friends. You can tell your version of the story.
  • A library of resources such as character sheets and game updates, customised content and errata.
  • House Rules and suggested rule changes from people who play the games.
  • You can subscribe to your favourite diaries written by your gaming friends.

Tools for Games Masters

Tools to help manage, plan and play your games.

  • Player Character and NPC management tools to make it easy to track which characters are good at what.
  • Party Management, where you can bring your players together into the groups they come together as when they play.
  • Map management tools for use by DMs, allowing you to document your dungeon layouts and to reveal parts of the map to game players using the World Wide Web.
  • NPC management tools, allowing you to define your favourite villains and party allies
  • Story management tools that let you plan your adventures stage by stage, define them in as much detail as you need, add your NPCs, maps and your players, and run the game from your tablet or laptop with all the information at your fingertips.

To use these tools, all you need is an Immortal Geek account. You can sign up for free on our registrations page.

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What's happening in the world of games? The games market is huge, so we try to keep up with it. We hope there will be something for new players and old:

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